Top Ten Trump Tweets of 2017
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The Top 10 Trump Tweets of 2017

The Lefty Righty Show Presents: The Trump Tweet Awards kicking off as Trump celebrates his one year anniversary today January 20, 2018!!

By: Righty V and Lefty G - The Lefty Righty Show

Fake News Awards

Trump recently delivered on his promise to bring America and the world his much anticipated "Fake News" Awards! 

It was a big evening for the Fake News Awards with CNN and ABC taking 1st and 2nd. Wow what a night, can't wait for the Awards for next year. We may suggest a quarterly Awards event, and the winners each quarter will fight for the number one spot at year end!!

In the meantime, the Lefty Righty Show has compiled our own Trump Tweet Awards. Really 90% of his tweets are deserving of recognition, but we chose a few of our favorites which in 140 or 180 characters sum up Trump's disposition quite nicely.

So whether you are a fan of Trump or not, we gotta give the President credit for providing the World his unfiltered Presidency. We have never seen anything like this in politics before and probably won't for a long time when he exits right from the stage.


Transgender Military Ban

1. Major policy should be debated on the House and Senate Floors right?  Nope, just a quick tweet!

2. Less than a month into his presidency Trump declares the Fourth Estate the enemy of the American People. It's not like the Free Press is a cornerstone of American democracy or anything right?


3. While the original tweet was deleted, the mystery goes on!! We all know the US government loves acronyms, hmmmm?

4. Can't forget this one. Trump claims to have discovered illegal surveillance of Trump Tower by Obama but never presents any evidence. Imagine any other President making this claim.

5. Trump trolls British PM Theresa May after she says he was wrong to re-tweet videos posted by a British Far-Right hate group. More "modern-day presidential" behavior from Trump.

6. This is one of many tweets where Trump encourages Americans to distrust the FBI. He's also known to say you can't trust the media, the government, Democrats, and most Republicans. Who can you trust? Trump!

Kim Jong-Un Short and Fat

7. I remember this trick from grade school. A kid would say they would never ever call Jimmy fat, thinking they couldn't get in trouble as the insult wasn't directed at him.

8. I don't even know where to begin. The President of the United States everybody.

9. A lot of controversy has been swirling around the mental fitness of the President. Not anymore! I am convinced.

10. O.K. technically this tweet came in 2018 but it is close! Trump denies giving Wolff access to the White House (someone sure did) and begins distancing himself from the man who ran his campaign, Steve Bannon.

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