Rex Tillerson Fired

Rex Tillerson Fired and Trumps Purge

By: Righty V

The Originals

The Trump originals, a now endangered species, just lost another key member this week. On Tuesday, President Trump fired Secretary of State and Ex-Exxon Mobil Executive Rex Tillerson over twitter, and it has been reported that Rex was on the toilet when he was told of his situation, fitting timing to be dumped from the administration.
Trump appears to be so inpatient that he could not wait for Rex to return to the U.S from a diplomatic mission he was on and to let Rex go in a dignified and professional manner.
Perhaps it was Trump’s turn to make Rex look like a “Moron” through an “Apprentice” style firing: abrupt, humiliating and very public. Revenge is a key skill Trump poses and is not afraid to use it regardless of the consequences outside of the Trump sphere.

Rex Tillerson’s Opportunity Cost

Rex sacrificed a very lucrative career and forgo being allowed to enter back into the oil industry for many years according to a trust which was set up for him after he accepted the nomination for one of the top jobs in any White House, the Secretary of State.
Just as Rex was finding his footing, his public spats over the past 14 months which included Rex supposedly calling Trump a “moron”, with the President came to ahead after many months of a budding relationship between Trump and whom will become the next Secretary of State CIA Director Mike Pompeo.

CIA Director Pompeo and Trumps Administrative Appointee Trend

In Pompeo, Trump has found an echo board and it is becoming apparent that Trump while publicly praises those in his administration for the varying views on his own positions as good, he probably prefers a situation of group think where his ideas and thoughts are decimated throughout his administration and feedback comes back supporting his ideologies.
Like tossing a boom-a-rang, you expect it to come back to you how you left it.
Mike Pompeo, led the CIA for a short time and become very close with Trump during his daily security briefings.
They both have similar world views, and Pompeo being a decorated military man, will gain the respect of the Administration and Congress as well.
So, while the pick itself is not a bad one and will most likely serve to help the Trump Administration bridge some gaps between itself and the intelligence community, it still points to a changing of the guard.
The key here is a top position being filled by a competent “yes” man whom has no affiliation with the 2016 election and is insulated from the Mueller investigation.
Reducing pressure on himself, Trump may be eyeing replacement for all those originals who arrived at the White House on the Trump train and are vulnerable to Mueller’s Russia Probe.
Trump being a somewhat a “Teflon Don” realizes his staffers do not have as much Teflon to protect themselves.
Many believe a possible purge may be planned if not already well under way.
In the end we do not feel to bad for good old Rex Tillerson as he is a millionaire many times over with a maturing trust of up to 180 million in the coming years.
Life without the stress of office will be kind to Rex and we wish him the very best in his future endeavors.

 Conclusion: Trump’s Vulnerabilities and Loyalty issues fuel his year long Purge

As mentioned, some people point to a pending purge amongst the highest rungs of the Trump Administration. I would detest strongly that the purge has already began and begun almost immediately following Trumps inauguration.
There are two avenues this purge has taken, both of which are occurring simultaneously.
The first being involuntary purges, where some were mere victims of the Russia Probe which caused Trump to eventually dub as the “witch hunt” to help Democrats save face from their stunning loss in the 2016 Presidential Election. More notable departures of this nature whom had vulnerabilities, would have been Mike Flynn and Steve Bannon. Regardless, the purge had begun, involuntary stemming from the FBI and later Special Council Mueller’s investigations.
The second avenue of the purges would slowly materialize over the next several months leading up to and including the firing of Rex Tillerson.
It is this second avenue of purges which will persist long after the Russia Probe ends and I would dub as the “Loyalty purges”, the foundation of which was forged during the now infamous Loyalty dinner of January 2017 after Trump’s inauguration.
To understand Trump, you must understand loyalty and what it means to him. Loyalty is apparently extremely important to Trump, more so than the pursuit of truths or diverging views and discussions of key issues.
Historians could argue Trump’s perception of loyalty resembles that of the loyalty demanded by past Dictators all-throughout time.
Augustus’s and Antony’s loyalty for Caesar would lead to a bitter confrontation with the senate and the second triumvirate in what was known as the Liberators Civil War, which took down the Republic and ushered in the age of Empire.
 Loyalty and power walk a fine line and loyalty itself means different things to different people and perhaps the emphasis on Trumps type of loyalty was not clearly understood in the beginning.
However we are getting a quick and dirty education on it as time passes. I will provide some positives on this type of loyalty below, but for now realize that loyalty Trumps all in Trumpland and to survive one must conform or leave.
For Trump, loyalty would be defined as unconditional support and agreement or “yes man” style where going against a Trump idea, is in itself a sign of disloyalty.
President Kennedy it has been said would come into meetings late and sit at the back of the room to listen to some of the ideas and debates being had around the table without his influence. Kennedy realized the power and influence the President had and made a point to foster an atmosphere of diversity and to avoid group think wherever possible.
Trump being the inpatient man he is, has probably come to realize that some if not most of his originals, may not conform to his view on what comprise a loyal friend and/or colleague.
And with most of his more controversial originals wrapped through and through in the Russia Probe now purged, Trump appears to be focusing on loyalty and replacing those he finds not to be loyal with those whom fit his definition of loyalty through months of vetting as apparently occurred with Mike Pompeo.
One of Trumps hallmark campaign slogans was he couldn’t be bought or influenced. Perhaps a President whom is able to be influenced through rationale debate is a quality we should seek in a President.
 However, perhaps to pursue an unpopular agenda, (its merit aside), one can not be compromised. Being able to reject influence through careful selection of those in a position to influence you is and end unto itself.
Time will tell where the Trump Administration lands, but I believe that Trump is shaking off his vulnerabilities with the respect to the Russia Probe and members of his staff whom are connected there and replacing those he finds are not loyal with those who strengthen his sought-after echo board.
To administer effectively one must have confident in the credibility and competencies and style of which their team operates. Trump probably is learning from his past mistakes and is putting a team together f which he can effectively lead and pursue his ostentatious agenda.
Corporate shakeups occur frequently to better align organizational resources and to obtain organizational goals. The White House is no different and Trump is quickly climbing the learning curve. One would hope by the end of year two, his house is in order.
In the end Rex Tillerson firing ultimately was a combination of shaking off vulnerabilities and preferring competent and respected “yes man” to fill the ranks of his cabinet. Trump’s Administration is probably as bare boned as Presidential Administrations go, and the old saying its lonely at the top probably is starting to ring true as the Trump involuntary and voluntary purges, purge forward.
Rex Tillerson certainly was not the first and will certainly not be the last Trump staffer to resign, forced out or be fired from the Trump Administration.

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