Mueller vs. Trump: Comparing Life Stories

Opinion by Lefty G

 As the drama has ramped up in special counsel Robert Mueller's investigation into possible Russian interference in the 2016 presidential election we have seen ongoing efforts to smear the reputation of the FBI in general, and Mueller specifically.
The attacks have come from Trump's allies within the GOP, at Fox, and from Trump himself.  Many of those who have been critical of Mueller and his investigation are self-described Conservatives.  Yet when you take a look at his background you see a life which mirrors many of the values Conservatives say they hold dear.
The life story of Donald Trump on the other hand appears to be just the opposite, which makes the criticism of Mueller all the more jarring.
So let's take a look at the life stories of the two most important men in the American political world of 2018, shall we?

Robert S. Mueller

Robert S. Mueller (the 'S' is for Swan) was born in New York and raised in New Jersey.  He attended prep school at St. Paul's in New Hampshire where he was captain of the soccer, hockey, and lacrosse teams and was named the school's top athlete in 1962.
He went on to Princeton University and then to New York University earning an M.A. before going on to study law.  But in 1968, after the death of a friend and classmate in Vietnam, Mueller would interrupt his studies to enlist in the U.S. Marine Corps.
He was sent to South Vietnam where he served with distinction, earning a Bronze Star and Purple Heart among other commendations for acts of valor which included rescuing a wounded Marine during an ambush that saw half of his platoon wounded or killed.
After returning from Vietnam Mueller completed his law degree and went on to a storied legal career, mostly as a U.S. attorney going after kingpins such as Manuel Noriega and John Gotti, of the Gambino crime syndicate.
He was appointed FBI Director in 2001 by George W. Bush.   Notable during his tenure as leader of the FBI was his resistance to allowing the use of enhanced interrogation techniques (torture) by FBI agents and to President Bush's request to round up potential terror suspects without cause.  He did however, defend the NSA's surveillance (wiretapping) program.  Mueller left the FBI in 2013.


Donald J. Trump

 Donald J. Trump (the 'J' is for John) was also born in New York - but that's about where the similarities between Mueller and Trump end.  His father Fred had large real estate holdings so young Donald went to college at the University of Wharton because it offered a real-estate studies department.
While at college between 1964 and 1968 Trump received four student deferments from the draft.  He was however deemed fit for service based on a military medical exam.  So in 1968 he was briefly deemed eligible to serve by a draft board before receiving a medical deferment for heel spurs, allowing Trump to avoid service in Vietnam.
Trump then began his own real estate career "with a small loan of one million dollars" from his father.  His fortunes have seen meteoric highs and lows which saw his hotel and casino holdings declaring bankruptcy six times.
His personal life has been similarly tumultuous.  Three marriages, affairs, reinventing himself as a reality television star in the 2000's and now again as a politician.  He is currently tied up in lawsuits involving a porn star and a Playboy model.


Conservative Credentials

Robert Mueller is a decorated war hero, a law-and-order man who has dedicated his life to the service of his country.  Donald Trump is a New York billionaire, a brash, egotistical bully who has dedicated his life to the service of himself.
It seems clear which of these two men ought to be the poster boy of the conservative establishment - and yet many within this establishment have chosen to attack Mueller in an attempt to protect Trump.
I've said before that the political world seemed to turn upside down this year.  The Muller-Trump paradox is just one striking example.


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