Trump-North Korea Meeting

“If I were the President” Trump and North Korea

By: Righty V

We have decided to add a new segment to the Lefty Righty Show which we have chosen to call “If I were the President” Series.  Over and over we see great opportunities for change get presented to the elected officials on the Hill to then be subsequently squandered over vote counting and political maneuvering.
I would equate this new segment to the likes of a very familiar discussion people tend to have on “what would I do if I won the lotto” except this is for politics. Hope you enjoy!

The Korea’s: The Great East Hype

Crack Pot Idea?

North Korea appears to be cracking the lid on the whole lets be an isolated militaristic Dictatorship forever thing. Really, it’s getting old and its time Kim Jung-Un or Rocket Man, or soon to be Ex-Rocket Man now joins the international community. Yay! Another market to open and sell our things to!
Kim Jung-Un doesn’t have to give up his bad boy persona, no, he can still be a thorn in everyone’s side, but at least be part of the community and be a contributing member while doing so. It worked out well for Iraq and Libya, so why not North Korea?
 A little sarcasm to kick things off, but seriously, great idea Kim, history will be kind to you, even if the Powers to be won’t.
Here is some advice for Kim as he braves this new frontier in diplomacy. America is too broke and their Obsession is still Middle East centric, so you won’t have to worry about a similar fate Iraq and Libya met after their de-armament.
 Likely America will employ its economic allure to quickly subdue your masses with loans and other interesting financial deals. Wonder if Rex Tillerson would give the North Korean’s the same advice he is giving African Nations on their dealings with China?
Nah, America doesn’t trade economic exploitation for sovereignty like he portrays the Chinese do in Africa, so no worries there!
So Kim, your plan is sound. Dream and join your fellow brethren to the South.  Kick-back and watch some 3D Hollywood adventure films and enjoy a bag of buttery popcorn, future looks bright under Western Capitalism. Oh yes it does!
Now that my parity has ended let’s get into it shall we?

The NOKO Plan

Kim Jung-Un began to make nice during very rare cross border exchanges during the Olympics this year in PyeongChang. This would set the stage for a historic ask of an American President: Kim Jung-Un asked the South Koreans to ask President Trump to meet to discuss North Korea’s denuclearization and to end the bitter Cold War which has plagued the Korean Peninsula for almost eight decades.
Great news, I repeat great news. A great opportunity sits in front of the United States, South Korea and North Korea. The Kim ask, helps bolster the American power position in the world showing they can potentially resolve issues without declarations of war.
This was not an over night phenomenon, we are where we are due to several decades of cumulative diplomatic pressures. These cumulative pressures may have led North Korea to realize that their straw which broke the camels back is quickly approaching as China's support for the Dictatorship has seriously waned and perhaps Beijing is fed up with the Jung-Un Dynasty.
Kim seemingly may also realize however, that he holds many cards, and that perhaps negotiating from a position of strength is more advantageous than negotiating from a position of weakness. If Kim understands the limitations of his nuclear deterrence and understands his cards, he just might be able to get North Korea a best-case scenario deal.
Waiting another ten years and the weight of that last straw just may collapse the entire country and hence force a negotiation upon the North from a position of weakness. This is not what the Jun-Un Dynasty worked so hard for.
It must also be swirling around Kim’s mind what is to become of the Jung-Un Dynasty after denuclearization and can it be positioned to endure as North Korea emerges onto the world stage opening its borders to capitalism, western ideology, Chinese ideology etc.  It would be a brave new world for North Korea, one with much more hope and promise than it faces today.
So, what would you do if you were the President? Below is what I would do. Please comment below this article and let’s see if we the non-politicians can create a fair plan for North Korea and all those with real interest in a possible deal.
So without further a do…..

If I were the President, I would,

  1. first need to ensure North Korea is serious about denuclearization and joining the rest of the world. The Trump Administration appears to have made this clear. How this is accomplished could soil the entire opportunity. If I were the President, I would not order any covert actions to help determine the legitimacy of Kim’s meeting request and perhaps start on a footing of trust. Not to say no ground work would be done. I would ask our greatest minds to lay out an extensive “If Then” strategic outline allowing for every possibility from best case to worst and then be ready for each contingency. In addition, I am sure American intelligence have troughs full of meta data on Kim and his regime to help support many of the If Then scenarios already. However, there is a flip side to this. America needs to ensure North Korea believes America’s position that denuclearization equates to North Korean security as a sovereign nation post denuclearization. A task made ever more challenging post Iraq and Libya. However, the desire for peace on both sides I would hope would be stronger a desire than deceit and further maneuvering and manipulation.
  2. If I were the President, I would hold private meetings with key Allies to air their concerns and to keep maximum pressure on North Korea. Again, the Trump Administration appears to be doing this. Prime Minister Abe from Japan has expressed this maintain pressure sentiment to Trump and Trump appears to agree. However, If I were the President, I would suspend any further talks or public mentions of further sanctions or actions against North Korea during this time of opportunity. This is where the current administration could again fumble. A fine balance is needed to ensure commitments to Allies and commitments to ending this cold war are balanced.
  3. If I were the President, as a sign of good will, I would move naval assets further down the Southern Peninsula, but reiterate, that joint military drills scheduled for later in the year between the US and South Korean forces would not be changed during negotiations.
  4. If I were the President, I would not go at this alone, rather I would lead a political coalition to make history. Convening the UN and meeting with top Allies around the world to gain perspective and clarity on the issues and have a collaborative approach to how a deal could be structured would be my primary mandate. Transparency is key and this is a perfect opportunity for America to take back their role as a true leader in the world. This sort of cooperation has not really been genuine since 9/11, but perhaps, as mentioned this is the perfect opportunity to re-establish trust and American leadership at a key juncture in history for America as she is being challenged more and more on the world stage.
  5. If I were the President, I would begin to make public plans for a massive humanitarian aid package to be delivered to North Korea if initial talks go well. This aid package would include such organizations as the Red Cross, Doctors without borders, the UN, and various other charities specialising in providing aid on a mass scale. This package would not include any Americans to ensure suspicion of ulterior motives do not rear their ugly head to compromise this opportunity.
  6. If I were the President, publicly reiterating that full and transparent de-nuclearization would result in a large reduction in American military capabilities on the peninsula and that the American goal and aim has always been and will continue to be support for a flourishing Korean Peninsula. I would frame the de-nuclearization and dis-armament as a joint operation between the U.S, UN, and North Korea with transparency as the leading principle of the joint operation. Transparency issues in Iraq and Iran caused major dis-trust on both sides which caused tensions to increase rather than decrease, and this scenario should be avoided at all cost in the de-nuclearization of North Korea. North Korea needs to feel 100% confident that their security once they become a non-nuclear state is assured and that American aggression ceases effectively overnight.
  7. If I were the President, during the first round of meetings with Kim Jung-Un, I would have a focus of building trust through transparent talks, on the record statements of future security and sovereignty of North Korea and avoid conversations which lead to mistrust such as denuclearization will secure North Korea and lift current and future sanctions upon the North. Ultimately these talks need to occur, however to start building trust, I find its better to leave out the insinuated threats while your trying to build trust and a relationship in such a precarious diplomatic situation such as this. I would include South Koreans Moon heavily in these talks as ultimately it is the Koreans, North and South which need to mend their wounds and move forward as Koreans and accept each others sovereignty.
  8. Lastly, If I were the President, I would seek help on a partisan basis to bridge any experience gap I may perceive within my foreign advisory team to ensure these talks produce the maximum satisfaction possible for every party involved. Maximum satisfaction here is not the most satisfaction for each party, but rather what is the maximum satisfaction each party can simultaneously obtain. Compromises will be made on all sides, but a fair solution is possible and once which can be worked on as denuclearization occurs and North Korea builds its relationships through out the world as times goes on.

Conclusion: Historic Opportunity

A historic opportunity lies before the world. The U.S has once again been called upon to make the world a more prosperous and safer place. Can we learn from our past mistakes, avoid the temptations of nation building and bring some warmth to this cold war which has been raging for almost eight decades?
I say we can and the above “If I were the President”, is how I would kick things off leading up to and including the first talks.
There will be follow ups to this article as talks and negotiations progress.  Leave your comments below and let the discussion begin.

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