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Politics 2017

Politics 2017

Politics 2017

A message from Lefty G and Righty V

2017 has finally come to a close. What a year it was! Some sigh in relief, others revel in its glory.

Regardless, Politics 2017 was a transition year from a sense of normalcy under President Obama to a forced adaptation to a New White House, a new President Trump and a whole new political battlefield with new rules of engagement.

The year started with a defeated Democratic Caucus, and a over confident GOP camp, then what came next can only be described as mayhem.

The Russia scandal, and some of Trumps controversial policies such as DACA, the Iran Nuclear Deal and many others began to be proclaimed and implemented.

Racial tensions were heightened, and twitter became a battlefield for political propaganda.

Sexual harassment allegations, resignations and election upsets swept the nation as the year went on. 

America seems to have been taken off guard but began to find its footing as 2017 Politics came to a close and ended with the Tax Cuts and Jobs Act passage.

Perhaps Politics 2018, will shake off the hurt feelings and shock and awe that Politics 2016 forced onto Politics 2017.

Perhaps we will begin to see a resemblance of Presidential and Congressional normality where rhetoric on all sides is toned down and a spirit of cooperation can begin to emerge in this divisive political age.

Or perhaps, the situation will further erode, with both sides cementing their positions with political sabotage at the core of campaign strategy as mid-term elections on the hill approach.

Whatever Politics 2018 holds, we will be ready to continue to bring a non-partisan approach to presenting the issues.

From all of us at The Lefty Righty Show, we would like to thank everyone whom supported our start-up project this year, and those who believe that a fair representation of both sides of an issue based on fact not propaganda should be how a society engages the issues of their day.

Stay tuned for a much beefed up blog in Politics 2018.

Thank you,

May the New Year bring you peace and prosperity.

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Harassment on the Hill

Sexual Harassment on Capital Hill
United States Capitol building in Washington, DC

Harassment on the Hill

 Opinion by Lefty G

Since the New York Times published it's investigation in October regarding allegations of sexual harassment against Harvey Weinstein it seems like every day has seen fresh allegations of sexual assault being leveled against another celebrity or politician. What has been made abundantly clear by all of these allegations is that both the film industry and politics have a culture which has been rife with sexual harassment for decades. In this watershed moment many seem to feel that perhaps this clearing of the air may lead to change in the way women are treated. While I see cause for hope in the overall culture, when I look at the partisan way in which many politicians have reacted to recent allegations I don't feel optimistic about change in the culture in Washington.

If the President sets the tone in Washington, then the message that President Trump is sending is that sexual harassment on the hill allegations are to be used as a weapon when they are leveled against political opponents, and ignored when they are directed at political allies. Trump is unconcerned with disturbing allegations against Republican Senate hopeful Roy Moore of sexual abuse of minors. He recently voiced his support for Moore saying of the Senate seat “we don't need a liberal in there”. And in regards to the accusations against Moore of assaulting minors Trump said, “40 years is a long time.” Yet Trump was very quick to tweet his condemnation of Democrat Al Franken when he was accused of sexual harassment on the hill.

Nor is Trump the only one in the White House who has displayed a willingness to accept sexual misconduct in a fellow politician, as long as they vote the right way. Counselor to the President Kellyanne Conway, speaking on the issue of Roy Moore, said on Monday, “we want the votes in the Senate to get this tax bill through.” This comes less than a week after she said that, “no Senate seat is worth more than a child.” I guess that she changed her mind about that. Conway went on to take shots of her own at Democratic Senator Al Franken.

Don't get me wrong though – it's not just Republicans who are capable of displaying stunning hypocrisy on the issue of sexual harassment. While Democrats were quick to call for Roy Moore to drop out of the Senate race they were a little more circumspect when addressing the Al Franken allegations. Senate Democrats have decided that the issue of the Franken allegations should be punted to the Ethics Committee though an Ethics investigation hasn't led to an expulsion since the 1860s.

Granted, the accusations against Franken really are not as heinous as those which have been made against Roy Moore, and even leading Republicans like Mitch McConnell are in agreement that an Ethics Committee investigation is the appropriate response in the case of Franken. Nonetheless, the principle for Democrats when it comes to sexual harassment allegations appears to be largely the same as for Republicans: try to protect their own people from consequences as best they can, but quickly condemn those on the other side of the aisle.

The problem with this hypocrisy is, of course, that when Republicans and Democrats play politics with the issue of sexual harassment it provides cover for those men whose predatory behaviour continues to make the political realm an unsafe environment for women even in 2017. When these men know that their colleagues value their vote more than they value a safe environment for women they feel safe to take advantage of their powerful position in society and victimize women. If, on the other hand, these men knew that the people within their own party would not protect them, they might be more careful about how they behave themselves.

I can only hope that in the weeks to come, which will surely be filled with yet more allegations, that more politicians will find the courage to stand firmly and consistently against sexual harassment regardless of the political affiliation of the guilty party.



Great read! Probably one of the first major cases that brought sexual Harassment on the Hill in politics into the spotlight.

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